Herning July 5, 2013

This Wednesday I informed my employer and coworkers that the cash benefit reform (social welfare support) will negatively affect my relationship with my girlfriend and also have a direct impact on my work-related situation if I am to avoid quitting my job in order to become a recipient of unemployment insurance.

Today I have informed my trade union, FOA, that as a direct consequence of the cash benefit reform I am forced to resign as union delegate for my coworkers including being trainee counselor and reducing my weekly workload by five hours. It is not out of pleasure that I resign as union delegate since it is a very important role for every employee because it provides an opportunity to benefit not only the employees but also the cooperation between employer and employees. In order to create good workplaces for everybody I find this cooperation necessary. Unfortunately, this will no longer continue to be the case for me.

However, the most important thing for me at the moment is to think ahead in order to be supportive of my girlfriend and provide her with the best possible help. For this reason the cash benefit reform will mean that I am forced to resign as union delegate.

My girlfriend has several psychiatric diagnoses. Psychologists and a psychiatrist have recommended a temporary break for a period of three years in order to undergo intense psychiatric treatment if she is ever to have a chance of returning to the labor market. This would require a temporary retirement during this timeframe. Despite this recommendation the municipality has decided to keep my girlfriend on cash benefit since there are no resources for such a solution. A retirement is solely considered a permanent solution and as a result the municipality has decided to keep my girlfriend on cash benefit indefinitely. Consequently she will not be receiving the proper treatment.

In case I was to choose to continue the current conditions of my employment my girlfriend will lose her basic personal allowance which following the cash benefit reform no longer allows for transferring it to cohabitants. Another result of the reform is that she will lose her cash benefit meaning that she will not be able to pay for her medication. This would imply a significant setback for her and lead to negative consequences for her and society. In the end she fears that she may need to be admitted to a pschiatric hospital.

I could choose to move out of our home leaving her alone but with enough money to pay for medication.

Therefore, in order to help my girlfriend in the best possible manner so she doesn’t lose her livelihood and her possibility for medicinal treatment, the only solution is to not change my work-related conditions and forcing me to resign as union delegate. My coworkers and I have invested time and energy in this confidence post which serves to improve the workplace and cooperation on a local and national level. The resources spent on training me as union delegate are thus wasted resources.

Kind regards
Martin Thiemke


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